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IBM and European Parliament representatives to speak at Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference in Prague

11 May 2018

Cryptocurrency regulation, AI tokens and blockchain-based cyber security — it is only part of topics to be discussed at the fourth annual Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Prague scheduled for May 17. Representatives of IBM company, European Parliament and a large Swiss company PwC Legal will participate in the event.

This year, the regulation of digital currencies and blockchain tech has become the central topic for the discussions in the crypto community. Experts have heralded 2018 as a year of regulations. That is why the conference in Prague will mainly feature the legislative aspect.

Dimitrios Psarrakis Capital Markets &FinTech Regulation Policy Advisor at European Parliament, will voice the stance of the authorities. The speaker will dedicate a presentation to the approaches towards the regulation of cryptocurrencies that would contribute to the industry development. What is more, the expert will dwell on the view of the Parliament, central banks and juridical system on a legal status of digital assets.

Guenther Dobrauz, Partner at PwC Legal Switzerland, will also speak about the cryptocurrency regulation referring to the future. The expert’s presentation will touch upon such issues as ‘Will cryptocurrency substitute fiat?’ and ‘Cryptocurrencies and banking system: hype or real changes?’.

Sandris Murins, Co-founder at Germany-based companyIconiq Lab, will pique interest among investors by making a presentation dedicated to the results of the research on two hundred tokens. The expert will tell which services use the most valuable tokens, peculiarities of inflation and deflation in terms of digital assets. The speaker will also mention the future by featuring AI tokenization.

Rene Bostic, Technical Vice President of Innovation and New Technologies at IBM Cloud, will deliver a presentation titled ‘Blockchain lessons learned: hype or reality’. The speaker will dwell on the research in the realm of blockchain and provide application areas of the technology.

Representatives of VOX ICO, CA Technologies, Adel, GRAFT Blockchain, Crowdholdingand other companieswill also make presentations at the conference.

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