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24 July 2018 409
The Truth about Smart Contracts

Much like the words “blockchain”, “AI” and “cloud”, “smart contract” is one of those phrases that get a lot of hype....

# author's article, Jimmy Song
28 May 2018 289
The Realistic Lucrative Case of Ethereum Classic attack

Author of the article: Husam ABBOUD, crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur and laissez-faire advocate.
We argued in...

# attack 51, ETH
16 May 2018 208
The State of Cryptocurrency Mining

Author of the article: David Vorick, lead developer of Sia's blockchain platform.
For those new to the blog, I am the...

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8 May 2018 191
Advantages of ICO over venture investments according to Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance cryptoexchange

According to recent events not all regulators support ICO. For instance, SEC in the US is actively fighting against...

# CEO Binance Чангпенг Жао, ICO
13 April 2018 258
Mining Centralization Scenarios

Jimmy Song:"In this article, I’m going to examine mining centralization in depth, go through some scenarios to...

# Jimmy Song, mining
6 April 2018 363
Don’t Forget the ‘Other’ Cryptocurrency Tax

David Deputy - Director for Strategic Development and Emerging Markets, and George Salis - Chief Economist-Taxpayer of...

# cryptocurrencies, taxing
14 January 2018 30
The nature of bitcoin: an asset, currency, or a collectible?

Analysts of the investment bank RBC Capital Markets Mitch Steves and Amit Darianani are convinced that the current boom...

# Bitcoin, Blockchain