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Guru Blockchain Forum 2019

from 17.03.2019 to 17.03.2019

Contacts of organizers
Conference language: Russian
The date:
from 17.03.2019 to 17.03.2019
Address of the event: Moskovsky Ave, 97А, Sankt-Peterburg, 196084
Description of the project

Visit the international platform for practitioners from the blockchain industry, business, SOFTWARE development, government agencies and the cryptocurrency industry.

The event will be attended by more than 1,000 participants, 25 speakers and 100 exhibition stands. And themes of the event will be:

  • implementation of blockchain technology in business processes, production, logistics and education
  • experience of successful products and projects to simplify the implementation of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.
  • blockchain development: CPA, AI, IOT, BIG DATA, WEB 3.0, smart-contract.
  • state regulation in the sphere of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies

You will find the largest forum that brings together experts in different areas and comprehensive information about: the introduction of blockchain technologies in business and education, promising projects, technologies, startups and finished products, especially the regulation of the crypto industry and blockchain technologies, trends in the cryptocurrency market.

All the information will be extremely useful for each visitor and you will not hear any hidden advertising, water and speculation.

Among the speakers will be:

  • Nadezhda Surova – member of the expert Council of the state Duma on digital economy and blockchain technologies
  • Elina Sidorenko – the Expert of the state Duma on the digital economy
  • Anatoli Ille – the businessman, the expert of f the field of blockchain technology, professional captainvalor
  • Maxim Krupyshev is an expert in the field of blockchain technology
  • Oleg Gerasimov-co-founder of cryptocurrency Bank EST Solutions
  • Alik Arslanov-co-founder of the channel “10 dollars Buffett»

and other.

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