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Platform with a couple of dozen tools for simple and profitable crypto-trading

Project site:
Start date: from 01.10.2018 to 31.12.2018
Hard cap (usd): 65000000
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Ethereum
Not available for: USA
  • Start date: 20.04.2018
  • End date: 05.05.2018
  • Hard cap: 65000000 USD
  • Currency of presale: ETH
  • Token price on the presale: 0.036 USD
  • Discounts and bonuses: 30% bonus + referral system
  • Start date: 01.10.2018
  • End date: 31.12.2018
  • Currency of tokensale: ETH
  • Token price on the tokensale: 0.036 USD
  • Discounts and bonuses: Additional coins at early purchase; referral program

No matter how loud it may sound, Neuromachine want to give any person the opportunity to interact easily with the crypto-currency and blockchain world.

The rapid growth rates make the young market even more difficult for a beginner. The growth dynamics only increases the information incompleteness and fragmentation, the verification of which takes considerable time and is usually not carried out. No wonder that the risk of fraud is very high in the market. At the same time, there are many seasoned professionals in the market, although they often remain in the shadows. The tools for working with the crypto-currencies also leave much to be desired.

This choice is complicated by the fact that today there is no single resource where the user could learn the basics of handling the crypto-currencies, quickly obtain the quality and verified information, as well as the possibility of its immediate application. Along with this, the market is still very young – it has high volatility, which assumes high risks, on one hand, but the opportunity to make a big profit, on the other hand.

Decentralized expert-analytical ecosystem NEUROMACHINE (or NRM?), which will become a comprehensive solution – an assistant and tool for anyone, who wants to interact with the world of crypto-currencies: learn, trade, earn.

With the help of NEUROMACHINE, the beginners can get all the necessary information at one resource easily and quickly with the possibility of its instant application in practice, and the professionals can get a convenient tool for working with the crypto-currencies and monetizing their intellectual assets.

NEUROMACHINE provides about twenty instruments, some of which have several components, which in the end is designed to achieve the above goals.

The system itself, as it is written above, has two main directions and each of them has its own interface:

  1. Lite version – it provides the ease of use and the availability of understanding of all the nuances and capabilities of the crypto-environment. It is ideal for beginners
  2. Pro version – fully customizable adaptive interface with an ‘expert’ functionality, which allows saving the presents of custom configurations and easily switch between them depending on the operation mode and the desired result

Next, we briefly describe the available functionality:

  1. Home page with information about the status of the cryptocurrency market consisting of:
    • summary table of capitalization, price, daily volume, etc.
    • crypto-calendar of events in the world planned for the near future(with a projection on the schedule of news that affect the market)
    • Hottop, reflecting the most popular cryptocurrencies (will be based on a sharp change in prices, high trade volume, etc.)
  2. Section of purchase/sale of cryptocurrency, with non-exchanges tools (connecting to exchange via a secure key/API) from:
    • live chart displaying several charts of cryptocurrency pairs (includes a database of indicators and tools to work with them)
    • order portfolio from the list of active buy/sell orders for the selected cryptocurrency pair
    • purchase/sale module consisting of a whole block of settings to facilitate trade (search for the best price; purchase at the required price; settings for sale / purchase in the event of any conditions, etc.)
  3. Demand and supply market depth visualization / known as “market depth”. Convenient for a thorough analysis of the market
  4. History of completed transactions from the order book, which is updated in real time
  5. The list of open transactions of a particular user for purchase / sale, as well as the history of completed transactions
  6. Module to collect information from social networks, news portals and other media in real time, to inform the user about the key events taking place in the market (will be able to filter on selected tokens and exchanges)
  7. A section that allows you to select the pairs of interest for a quick transition to trading operations and tracking information about them
  8. Widget Watchlist, which will run in the background, to quickly assess the user’s interest in cryptocurrencies
  9. Create strategies on Boolean conditions (“if-then-else”). Simple and at the same time a powerful tool for building logical chains of purchase/sale
  10. Tool notifications, issuing the alert with certain market events (of “falling” the market on the basis of data from the stock exchanges; or on the adjusted parameters; either from a user or community; moreover, the signals of each user can follow other users, which will increase the popularity of the Creator, profitable decisions)
  11. “My portfolio”, a tool where users can track their assets and traders will be able to create and manage their personal portfolio through tracking the purchased coins and their price, profit or loss from the moment of purchase. It will also be possible to divide the portfolio into smaller parts
  12. The Academy of blockchain will enable everyone to get the information they need in a convenient format: articles, private lessons or webinars. At the same time, the knowledge that will be loaded into the system by specialists will be evaluated in three directions and with a positive contribution to the community – monetize this knowledge through internal tokens, which can be purchased as the same lessons, and used for their own promotion on the platform.
  13. Knowledge base. Different techniques and methods that will be stored in the system for use by users, for example, major market players for all types of speculation are actively using information verification and counter-verification
  14. Instructions will give answers to frequently asked questions. Sometimes the answers will be monosyllabic, requiring no extra detail. In some cases, the user will see a multi-faceted solution that will help to cope with a specific task
  15. “Know your coin” – a guide to each cryptocurrency presented on the platform (prices, volumes, capitalization, official website, links to social networks, etc.)
  16. Live channel, a video channel dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain world. The NRM team will create feed content, but users will be able to be producers of video content by submitting a request for distribution of the broadcasting time
  17. The developer tools will allow independent developers to create modules for integration into the platform of the NWO
  18. A public platform where each NRM user will have the opportunity to create content and publish it in a personal blog or communities, as well as users will be able to join in groups, working on joint content and earning on it
Project team
Valentin Korsunsky CEO Founder
Svyatoslav Vlasenko Head of Technical Department Founder
Oleg Kondratev Head of Legal Department Founder
Dmitry Sergeev Project manager Founder
Marat Habibulin Head of Finance Department
Stanislav Kalashnikov UX/UI specialist
Aidar Davletshin Assistant to the head of the legal department
Sergey Kalinin Blockchain developer
Andrey Martushev Developer
Alexander Vidyaikin Developer
Timur Enikeev Developer
Dmitry Denerkov Developer
Alexander Shulga Developer
Nikolay Raykevich Developer
Roman Shkvirya Developer
Vladimir Sorokin DevOps
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