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Israel Bitcoin Summit

from 08.01.2019 to 08.01.2019

Organizers: Bittax
Conference language: English
The date:
from 08.01.2019 to 08.01.2019
Address of the event: 4R63+4P Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Description of the project

This is the largest summit for cryptocurrency holders and companies from Israel working in the blockchain industry. It will bring together more than a thousand participants, speakers and teams of promising projects from around the world.

Here we will talk about innovations in the economy, the problems of their implementation and experience of their application. The organizers aim to provide the best practical knowledge from the pioneers of these technologies.

The organizer of the event is Britax, which is engaged in the calculation of taxation of cryptocurrencies. They help clients consolidate their cryptocurrency portfolio without providing private information, and use innovative methods and algorithms to provide optimal calculation of tax liabilities, calculated on the basis of the user’s portfolio.

Sponsors of this event were the Israeli bitcoin Association, the chamber of Commerce of Israel-Asia, Bits of Gold and others.

Speakers announced dozens of experts from different areas of the industry:

  • Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, lawyer and crypto researcher known for his research on smart contracts and cryptocurrencies
  • Prof. Avi Simhon – head of the National economic Council and economic adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel
  • David Chaum, PhD –  known for creating fundamental innovations in the cryptocurrency, including technology, privacy, and secure electoral system
  • Meni Rosenfeld – Chairman of the Israeli bitcoin Association

and many others.

You can buy a ticket to the event here.

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