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Promote Your Business on TopTokenSales

Listing your project on has a number of benefits. It will increase the amount of traffic you get from various sources, better outreach to potential investors, and link building. offer the following marketing services:

A. For new ICO projects:

Package #0: We will list your ICO (basic info page);
– We charge a small fee of 0.3 ETH to activate your basic listing in order to prevent spam and make sure you are submitting a serious project.
– 1 Twitter tweet or 1 Telegram post;
– 1-time payment (perpetual publication)
0,3 ETH
Package #1: List your ICO (personal page with full info) and
– 1 Twitter tweet + 1 Facebook / Telegram post;
– Featured on TopICOs section on our homepage for 1 day;
– 1-time payment (perpetual publication)
Package #2: List your ICO (personal page) and Your ICO will be featured on our homepage (New ICOs section) for 7 days;
– 2 Twitter tweet+ 2 Facebook posts+ 2 Telegram post + 1 Instagram post;
– Promote in our newsletters about your project (1 time);
– 1 BottomLogoBanner on all pages (for 7 days);
– 1 Press-Release or interview;
– 1-time payment (perpetual publication)
Package #3: List your ICO (personal page) and Verified status (if experts says Yes);
– 1 TopICO banner on homepage (for 7 days);
– 1 Twitter tweet/week + 1 Facebook post/week + 1 Telegram post/week during the ICO sale;
– Promote in our newsletters about your project (2 times);
– 1 Press-Release + ICO Review exclusive post (Top article for 3 days);
– 1-time payment (perpetual publication)

*Also you can pay with your tokens (x5 Price)

B. For ICO projects that are listed:
– Sponsored Email Campaigns (Featuring your ICO) to our growing subscriber base

– Highlighted Premium Placement: There is also the option to purchase highlighted premium placement on the list that delivers a substantial increase in visibility and click

– YouTube video interview with Team

– Ask about our ICO Review Service!

C. Banner campaingns
Please email for rates and further information on premium, managed banner campaigns or for discussing sponsorships or other advertising opportunities.

D. Submit a Press Release

For 0,5 ETH you can submit a press release that will be visible on our homepage. Send your details to (or fill the press-release form) and we will send you an invoice within 12 hours. Once payment has been made, we will post your press release.
Be advised that all the advertising information is labeled “Sponsored” at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the payment process work?
    The payment process is very simple. We accept payments in Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. Your ad is live within seconds. Choose your preferred currency and send us TX transaction.
  2. What happens after I complete the payment?
    Send us an email with your ICO information or fill the ICO form.
  3. Do you guarantee me investors?
    Our marketing services guarantee immediate exposure for your ICO to our community and pool of social media fans on Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.
    We cannot guarantee that the results from our service will lead to contributions/token sales/newsletter subscribers to your Initial Coin Offering. The success of a ICO depends on many other human and non-human factors we have little control over. ??
  4. How do I track the social media shoutouts?
    After we make all the shoutouts, we will provide you with urls to all of them.
  5. Do you offer a refund and under what conditions?
    By placing an order, you agree to our Terms of Use and you understand that your order is final and non refundable. The only exception to this is if we fail to render the appropriate service associated with the package you have ordered. If work is not done as specified i.e. (no Facebook/Twitter posts/shares are made, etc.), a refund will be offered.