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Weltder Wunder TV (Germany) starts public round of ICO

1 August 2018

Company Weltder Wunder TV has opened a public round for its ICO MILC project.
Any investor who has passed the KYC test, with the exception of residents of the USA, Canada, China and Vietnam, will be able to invest in this ICO project.

The MILC (Micro Licensing Coin) project is designed to simplify the process of licensing and selling media content licenses in the international market. Using the MILC platform, the author will be able to obtain a license for his content and sell it to customers in any country quickly and independently. MILC saves the expense of authors, with the exception of the licensing process of agents.

The platform automates contractual processes and provides templates that can be adjusted to accommodate specific conditions. The MILC architecture is built on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts, which makes it safe, fast and protected from unfair frauds, and also allows you to pay for transactions in Fiat and crypto currencies.

Currently, the technical part of the project is in the active development stage and in the third quarter of 2018 international sales will begin, as well as the connection of partners that generate content.

The project is interesting for several reasons. Weltder Wunder TV is effectively working television company, founded in 1996.
At the moment, the cost of own materials in the TV archive exceeds 200 million euros. This fact alone eloquently tells investors about the potential success of the MILC project and the team’s highest competence.
At the same time, the team of Weltder Wunder TV will provide the ICO-project MILC with all the materials of its archive and launch several programs for the launch filling of the platform.

During its activity, the company has developed strong partnerships with the world’s leading content creators, television stations and other media platforms, which are the target audience of the project.

And given the fact that the company Weltder Wunder TV knows from the inside the main problems of the industry – they definitely have a carefully thought-out plan for “treatment” specified in WP.

The partners of the project are the Swiss company SwissTXT, which organizes the work of the media storage, and the Swiss company Swisscom Blockchain AG, which has implemented smart contract templates and built the ways of interaction between the parties on the MILC platform.

In total, 10 608,000 tokens were allocated for sale during the ICO, and the maximum amount that the MILC project plans to attract is about 50 million euros.

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