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RAKIB will be engaged in certification of cryptocurrency traders

8 May 2018

A new direction will be taken by the Committee on trading, which will be headed by Vice-President rakib Andrey Grachev.

The main tasks of the Committee will be the preparation of the legislative and tax base, the formation of standards, competence assessment and certification of traders, as well as the creation of a training center and training of traders.

According to expert estimates, the country now employs about 8.4 thousand traders specializing in cryptocurrencies. For each trader today accounts for an average of 6 million rubles. The total volume of the Russian cryptocurrency capital management market is about 50 billion rubles.

The formation of standards in this area will help to protect the interests of both traders and investors. It is planned that by the end of 2018, a competence center will be established on the basis of RAKIB, contacting which the trader will be able to improve his skills and competencies. This will affect the income of all market participants.

Our primary task should be to form uniform and clear industry standards, focusing on which market participants could allocate from the General mass of the most trained professionals able to manage investors’ funds and contributes to the construction of a civilized market of cryptocurrency trading. Our goal is to increase the share of successful traders from 20% to 30%, this will save investors ‘money and increase the industry’s revenues by 6-10 billion rubles annually

– said Andrey Grachev.

The Russian market lives and develops in line with global trends, the principles and forms of self-regulation imply gradual purification of the industry from unscrupulous participants and an increase in the number of responsible professionals. RAKIB tries to accumulate foreign experience and best practices of domestic experts to improve the quality of work in various fields, whether it is ICO, blockchain technology or cryptocurrency trading. We are as open for cooperation and ready to offer our assistance to all interested parties working for a strategic perspective

– PRESIDENT rakib Yuri Pripachkin said.

Andrei Grachev, Vice-President for trading RAKIB. Russian entrepreneur, successful trader with experience in cryptocurrency markets for more than 2 years, in trading for more than 4 years. The founder of hedge Fund “Crypsis Black Swan Fund and Crypsis Blockchain Holding”. Resident of the VEB community Blockchain, co-founder of FutureTech hackathons series.


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