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Project Evo spends a revolution in the field of recruitment and personal growth

8 May 2018

The EVO project creates a centralized platform for skill assessment and human development, which will be an excellent tool for personal growth. The system encourages any achievements and saves them, and the person who evaluates you, whether it’s a recruit or a viewer of your YouTube channel, will see all your skills and will be able to make an objective image of your personality.

Developers create 2 subsystems: EVO.Pro for labor and EVO.Live for everyday interaction, recording successes in sports, creativity, charity, etc.

Activity and results are recorded in the account of the user, validation is carried out by using blockchain technology. The generated digital portrait of the user is used in career, education, Dating/personal life, Hobbies, blogging and monetization, as well as for many other purposes.

Interaction with the system is arranged in the form of a game, it allows you to enthusiastically engage in the process of expanding the skills of the user. At the same time, achievements will be rewarded with tokens of the system, which can later be used within the network of partner companies to purchase their goods or services.

The platform provides a search engine on the basis of professionals seeking work. It is based on the existence of proven competence of the user, ie when searching is not set the position or role of the candidate, and the requirement for some of the skills that are available and objectively evaluated by the candidate sought.

The system automatically ranks the results based on the integrated rating, taking into account the coincidence and deviation of both professional competencies and personal qualities. A neural network, which in the future will be integrated by developers, will automatically find the optimal ratio of weighty factors of all factors used in the integrated assessment.

Summing up, it is worth emphasizing once again that the system will allow people to develop in everything, receiving for this award and to be sure that all their skills will be considered by the potential employer. And the employers themselves will be able to find the most suitable employee for themselves, and the user will be able to see in the system whether he is in demand as a specialist and what are the possible conditions for hiring him, which again, will motivate him.

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