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Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Prague: the main blockchain event of the Czech Republic is here again!

7 May 2018

On may 17, the fourth annual event dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO will be held at one of the largest platforms in Europe.

Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Prague is an event organized by the Smile-Expo company, which created a network of blockchain events in 20 countries around the world. The organizers intend to exceed last year’s success: experts from IBM, PwC and other companies known in the crypto community will be among the speakers.

Guests will hear presentations:

  • On blockchain and its impact on business and the economy
    Rene Bostic from IBM will analyze cases of blockchain application in business and tell you the key points of the process. The blockchain developer from the American IT company CA Technologies Alexandru Popa will tell about the impact of blockchain on user identification systems.
    The head of consulting company VOX ICO Consulting Stefano Virgilli will clearly explain the blockchain basics. Representative of the European Organization for Nuclear Research Manuel Martin Marquez will talk on the acceleration of scientific progress after blockchainwas introduced.
  • On ICO and cryptocurrencies
    Guenther Dobrauz, partner in PwC Legal Switzerland, will explain how affordable investments in ICO will be in the future and whether token sale will replace venture capital. The co-founder of GRAFT Blockchain, Dan Itkis, will explain how to make the integration of crypto payments ubiquitous.
    Co-founder of the blockchain platform Crowdgolding Alex Bozhinov will explain how power, politics and finance transformed the ICO. The co-founder of ICO accelerator Iconiq Lab SandrisMurins will talk on how to create a token and what is needed for this.

Exhibition area

In addition to the conference, an exhibition area will be available to Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Prague guests. Companies representing the blockchain industry will demonstrate their achievements here:

  • hardware and software for mining;
  • blockchain developments;
  • trading, marketing and technological services.

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