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The developer of the electronic purse will be distributed among their clients about 484 million tokens Stellar.

The largest in the history of cryptocurrency distribution plans to hold the developer of the electronic wallet Blockchain together with the startup Stellar. Among the clients of the company will distribute about 484 million tokens worth $125 million, CoinDesk writes, but the specific amount of accrual to each participant is not specified.

According to Blockchain representatives, this week tokens will be received by all users who will leave applications on a special page. The CEO of the developer of the cryptocurrency wallet Peter Smith said that the company selected for such airdrop Stellar due to the fact that it is “built for scalability” and has “an active and growing ecosystem”.

The expert said that the largest airdrop is not just an advertising campaign. First of all, the company wanted to give users the opportunity to test a new digital asset.

In the cryptocurrency world, my favorite thing to do was to give users their first $20 and watch them discover a new financial system with sending their first transaction

– Smith said.

Many users were dissatisfied with the fact that in order to participate in the distribution of crypto currency, it is necessary to pass the verification procedure. Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer asked to think before disclosing personal data that can be used then for several years

Please don’t do this. If for some reason you need $25 Stellar tokens, just buy them

warned Wertheimer.

Over the past day, the average market value of Stellar has increased by 2.5%, now the token is trading at $0.25. During the same time, Bitcoin has risen by 1.6%, Ethereum — by 3.8%.

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