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Healthcare Unblocked

from 09.11.2018 to 09.11.2018

Organizers: Unblocked Events
Conference language: English
United Kingdom
The date:
from 09.11.2018 to 09.11.2018
Address of the event: 241 Borough High St, London SE1 1GA, UK
Description of the project

A landmark event for the healthcare industry, which will highlight the opportunities of blockchain technologies in this area. Among the topics of presentations will be:

  • how blockchain technologies save costs and how the national health service can be reformed
  • what is the impact of the blockchain in General / storage of genetic information in a distributed registry
  • will blockchain help patients to be responsible for storing their own health information
  • preventive treatment and longevity-what role blockchain can play in this
  • and what are the new business models associated with tokenization

During the day, interesting reports will be made by different experts, on this visitors will receive a lot of useful information and good mood. So, in the morning, Unblocked CEO Helen Disney will explain the potential of the blockchain and how this technology will change health care.

Among the speakers will be a leading specialist in health and the public sector of the UK Tory Thorpe.

Representatives of such blockchain projects of the healthcare market as Solve will also speak.Care, Patient, Medicalchain, HIT Foundation and others.

Consensys health, which is a venture Fund focused on innovative start-UPS, helped to organize the conference. In their track record there are already more than 50 projects that they were engaged in and they do not stop there.

Here on the official website you can buy tickets for the conference.

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