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Ethereum Developers Training Course – 2 Day Workshop

from 14.11.2018 to 15.11.2018

Conference language: English
United Kingdom
The date:
from 14.11.2018 to 15.11.2018
Address of the event: Cloud Audit and Accounts Ltd Wework Southbank Central, 30 Stamford St, South Bank, London SE1 9PY, UK
Description of the project

Lets Learn Digital is organizing a course on developing applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. This niche is one of the most popular among it specialists at the moment all over the world. The need for these specialists grows along with their average salary and the number of competitors.

The course is designed for programmers and developers who want to learn the basics of writing smart contracts and creating applications on Ethereum.  Participants will receive good knowledge in this area and will be able to write applications and smart contracts after the end of the program.

For convenience, training is divided into modules:

  • Background for blockchain and Ethereum – installation of necessary SOFTWARE
    • Blockchain, Bitcoin, proof of work and mining
    • transactions and blocks
    • consensus algorithms
    • defining Solidity principles and smart contracts
  • The basics of Ethereum and smart contracts
    • introduction to Ethereum
    • introduction to smart contracts
    • features of Ester
    • hash functions, proof of work, proof of stake
    • mist Browser
    • case study
    • exercise
  • Programming
    • an introduction to the basics
    • solidity variable
    • solidity function
    • solidity of inheritance
    • solidity modifiers
    • proxy contracts
    • solidity event
    • case study
    • exercise
    • Q and A
  • Writing a Contract in Solidity
    • Web3 JavaScript API
    • setting up a contract development environment
    • contract design patterns
    • case study
    • Q and A

Summing up, after a two-day seminar, participants will master the principles of blockchain and smart contracts, will be able to easily work with the code, understand how the technology is used in business tasks and get a clear strategy for further use of this technology.

The training will be led by Kingsley Davis, an Underscore partner who has worked in the field for over 10 years and has participated in projects such as Betfair, BBC, Barclaycard and Tesco.

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