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Digital Commodities Summit London Part 2

from 12.11.2018 to 13.11.2018

Conference language: English
United Kingdom
The date:
from 12.11.2018 to 13.11.2018
Address of the event: Riverside Building, Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB, UK
Description of the project

The summit, which is successfully held from time to time and was appreciated by participants in Europe, America and Asia.

In continuation of the tradition, the event will evaluate innovative solutions in the blockchain industry, as well as consider the main problems of the deployment of commercial models and their integration into the classical market.

In addition, visitors will learn about which sectors of the market there is increased activity and why, as well as how to extract representatives of other sectors from this experience and use it for their own growth. In addition to the main topic, the presentations of the invited experts will reveal the problems of the Internet of things (IoT), big data and AI.

More than 40 experts will speak for visitors and share their experiences, you will also meet the adherents of technology, experimenters and other representatives of the industry.

Participants are waiting for reports on:

  • future scenarios for the use of the blockchain and distributed registers, in addition to P2P trade
  • about existing projects, the best realizations in oil, gas, energy, agricultural, metallurgical, banking and logistics sectors
  • recent laws, legislative and technical issues
  • IoT, big data and AI in the blockchain industry
  • attracting digital industry talent and gender diversity
  • recent developments and challenges for cryptocurrency and ICO
  • evaluation of the numerous attempts and strategies for the implementation of blockchain for their improvement

Among the speakers there are representatives of such well-known organizations like Hyperledger, in the person of the Director of the ecosystem of Marta Piekarska and HSBC in the person of senior innovation Manager Dora Matheidesz.

To participate in the event, you can register here.

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