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Crypto Expo Moscow

from 22.05.2018 to 22.05.2018

Organizers: FINEXPO
Contacts of organizers
Conference language: Russian
The date:
from 22.05.2018 to 22.05.2018
Address of the event: Europe Square 2, Moscow, Russia
Description of the project

Crypto Expo Moscow is area 1, where the crypto business comes to life.

The Moscow Expo forum is intended not only to gather all leading companies
crypto-industry and to meet the guru in this area, but also to tell everyone,
what is crypto-world, and how, why and how much it costs to get into it.

Everyone has the opportunity to take part in one of the
the most large-scale show, which will be not only exhibition space, but also
wide entertainment and training program, including a large
conference and many master classes.

The most relevant and urgent issues of the industry will be considered during the day
in the halls for press conferences and workshops. In the exhibition hall
each visitor will have access to new cryptocurrency industry products, including
novelties from FINTECH companies first hand.

It should be noted that the schedule of the event is drawn up in accordance with
the latest industry trends, and the program, among other things, is full
entertainment, drawings, prizes and performances.

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