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Blockspot Conference Europe

from 09.11.2018 to 13.11.2018

Organizers: Blockspot Media
Contacts of organizers
Conference language: Portuguese
The date:
from 09.11.2018 to 13.11.2018
Address of the event: Lisbon Portugal
Description of the project

The event is dedicated to blockchain technologies and what will move humanity forward in the coming years. To study and use smart contracts, ICOS and cryptocurrencies for the overall growth, the organizers of the event gather the best representatives of the industry and everyone.

During the first days, meetings will be held to establish productive ties, and the final 2 days are fully reserved for the conference.

Visitors will be able to get information from the lips of more than 40 world speakers with extensive experience in the industry. In total, 7 different directions will be considered, among them: the impact of blockchain technologies on society, the use of technologies in microeconomics, health care and others.

The list of speakers will pleasantly surprise visitors, because among them there will be specialists of different large companies, for example, Pedro Soares, who works as an architect in the well-known Oracle. There will also be an employee of another well – known company-Paulo Rodriguez Silva, who is the head of the sales and delivery Department of IBM Global Business Services. Other participants can be seen on the conference website.

The sponsor also announced an interesting company Smart e Cash, which has implemented cryptocurrency and tools for working with finances, while it is engaged in the development of promising projects.

You can register and buy tickets on the main page of the event, and at the time of publication (31.10.2018) there is a discount on popular types of tickets.

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