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Blockchain Summit: Blockchain Technology for Business and the Consumer

from 14.02.2019 to 14.02.2019

Conference language: English
The date:
from 14.02.2019 to 14.02.2019
Address of the event: Rondellstrasse, 8058 Z?rich, Switzerland
Description of the project

Blockchain summit on the blockchain in the business will show visitors the technology from an unusual perspective. As according to some forecasts, investments in the industry will increase to$ 3.1 trillion by 2025, the organizers of the event consider it important to highlight the main gaps in existing business solutions using blockchain.

The organizers have identified the main goal that you need to talk more about a number of blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies, which will make it possible to understand the innovative ideas that will be offered by speakers and other guests of the summit.

Topics of presentations will be:

  • understanding Blockchain technologies and markets
  • digital exchanges-digital tokens, fiat and stable currency
  • regulatory aspects of Cryptocurrencies-an accurate measure of value
  • professional advice in the new age of investment
  • smart contract management and security
  • the Blockchain from the point of view of the investor
  • legal and tax aspects of investing in cryptocurrencies
  • blockchain to transform and improve customer service
  • blockchain technology for banks
  • the block-chain and supply chain
  • the future of the Blockchain

Visitors will see performances of such well-known industry experts as:

  • Co-founder of bitcoin founder Satoshi school Jorg Molt
  • CEO of Wealthinitiative Douglas Azar
  • Ambassador of crypto-trade Jene Zavalishina

And other.

Visit the event and get a great experience, the opportunity to acquire useful acquaintances and useful knowledge.

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