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Blockchain-Summit 2018 Hong-Kong

from 26.07.2018 to 26.07.2018

Organizers: UNICOM R&D House
Contacts of organizers
Conference language: English
United Kingdom
The date:
from 26.07.2018 to 26.07.2018
Address of the event: 1 One Oxford Rd, Denham, Uxbridge UB9 4DA, UK
Description of the project

Knowledge and inspiration to interact with the blockchain industry!

Industry experts are invited to the event, they will consider and analyze the impact of blockchain technology on various industries, as well as the existing problems and opportunities of the industry.

Presentations, short tutorials, interactive group discussions and case studies await visitors. The main topics will be:

  • understanding blockchain technology and the market
  • understanding how blockchain applications are implemented
  • Crowdfunding against ICO-risks and challenges
  • exchanges the tokens in the currency
  • regulatory and legal consequences that await the blockchain
  • etc.
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