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Blockchain Live weekend online Training

from 10.11.2018 to 02.12.2018

Conference language: English
The date:
from 10.11.2018 to 02.12.2018
Address of the event: 39355 California St, Fremont, CA 94538
Description of the project

Participate in a training course held on weekends in different areas of the blockchain industry. At the end of the training, everyone will understand both the basics of this market and the specific subtleties. The training course will give participants a lot, and in particular:

you will understand how the blockchain technology is relevant for you and the business strategy of your enterprise
gain a solid knowledge of the technology:

  • what it does, what its components are, potential applications, and what its development prospects are
  • determine which aspects of blockchain technology are most important and relevant to you
  • formulate industry potential and examples of the use of technology specific to your company
  • formulate a strategy to prepare your business or customers for the emerging ” decentralized economy»
  • and find out which projects can make better use of the blockchain

Also known about the topics of the courses, they will help to learn:

  • what is the blockchain
  • why your company should be interested in this technology
  • motivating examples of technology use by companies
  • cryptographic hashes and digital signatures
  • the structure of the blockchain
  • the atmosphere of the industry
  • quality of public and private blockchains
  • bitcoins and altcoins
  • HyperLedger
  • the evolution that technology promises
  • the architecture of the building
  • business model
  • HyperLedger factory
  • demonstration materials and exercises
  • and participate in discussions and brainstorming

The organizer of this course is Dr. Sam Swapn who more than twenty years working with companies from Fortune 500 to startups in the oil and banking sector and many other areas. Dr. Sam Swapn has a doctoral degree from Golden Gate University and teaches courses in project management, strategy, leadership, green business and outsourcing.

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