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Blockchain Conference Moscow

from 20.11.2018 to 20.11.2018

Organizers: Smile-Expo
Conference language: Russian
The date:
from 20.11.2018 to 20.11.2018
Address of the event: Tverskaya St, 22 Moskva 127006
Description of the project

The main Russian event of the blockchain industry, which brings together leading domestic and world experts.

The theme of the conference is devoted to the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICO:

  • FINTECH and legislative regulation, the blockchain and Fintech in Govtech, ICO, rule of cryptocurrency trading
  • development and marketing are the technical side of the blockchain. Smart contracts and features of development on different blockchain platforms. Marketing of cryptocurrency projects and blockchain projects: how to promote a product in social networks, search engines and media

The event will be interesting for developers, entrepreneurs, investors, financiers and bankers, crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, lawyers, founders of startups, marketers and media representatives.

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