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Atlanta Blockchain Experience

from 11.12.2018 to 11.12.2018

Organizers: Ternio
Conference language: English
The date:
from 11.12.2018 to 11.12.2018
Address of the event: 933 Lee St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, USA
Description of the project

Unique kick-off meeting dedicated to the implementation of the blockchain, the usage scenarios and expand your circle of acquaintances!

The event will be held in the format of a conference, taking into account the previous experience of the team of organizers and coordinating with the team of Ternio and the coalition “Blockchain Georgia”.

Visitors will enjoy a unique event about decentralized technologies, where everyone will be able to communicate with other participants, speakers and sponsors.

The program of the event consists entirely of information about education, innovation, networking and much more. Amazing speakers and small space will make the event unforgettable, as it will allow you to carry with you after the completion of the maximum amount of useful information offered. Also, due to the small space, it is recommended to purchase tickets as early as possible to get there accurately.

The organizers of the event set a goal to provide an opportunity to create fruitful partnerships, business and attract the attention of the blockchain community to the unity and development in Atlanta.

More than 100 participants, 20 speakers and 10 exhibitors are expected, the organizers will set aside time for a section called “ask me what you want” and will arrange a lot of surprises that will make the event really atmospheric and unique. The experience of this event will help the organizers in the upcoming larger conference Atlanta Blockchain Experience in autumn 2019 and held for 2 days, where it will also be possible to easily communicate not only with participants but also with speakers and sponsors.

Topics of presentations will be devoted to:

  • blockchain technology
  • science and education
  • world politics and state regulation
  • emerging market
  • digital asset
  • tokenizations
  • business promotion
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