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A wallet that can stores all cryptocurrency which is linked to a debit card

Start date: from 08.08.2018 to 31.08.2018
Hard cap (usd): 24000000
Country of ICO: Singapore
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Separate blockchain
Not available for: United States
  • Start date: 23.05.2018
  • End date: 08.08.2018
  • Hard cap: 24000000 USD
  • Currency of presale: ETH
  • Token price on the presale: 0.1 USD
  • Start date: 08.08.2018
  • End date: 31.08.2018
  • Currency of tokensale: USD
  • Token price on the tokensale: 0.1 USD

X-Infinity is a new generation cryptocurrency wallet.

The adoption of blockchain technology worldwide complicates not only the uncertain attitude of States, but also the inability to easily use it. In particular, due to the inconvenience of using cryptocurrencies, most people do not purchase them. There are more than one and a half thousand different cryptocurrencies in the world and they are all sold and stored on different exchanges and wallets. An ordinary person can not easily and profitably sell them, or get bonuses from the use of a particular cryptocurrency in different situations.

X-infinity has several solutions to change the situation:

  • wallet for all cryptocurrencies
  • cryptocurrency trading platform
  • unique debit cards
  • and a mobile app for data Analytics

These tools will allow you to easily use a particular cryptocurrency, depending on the situation, as well as pay for goods and services with a card without the need for a special POS terminal from the seller. The card is an analogue of a proxy server for the wallet of the system, which allows it to be universal.

If a user wants to buy a product, but it is sold for XLM, it is enough to simply buy a system token (XIF) for Fiat money, and then buy XLM for XIF. All this is done within a single platform and as never before simplifies the process of integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday life. The wallet is secure protected, the user profile keeps the privacy of the person, and the card has the ability to lock in case of loss.

There is no need to mention a higher speed of cryptocurrency transactions, in comparison with standard cash, but the combination of all available qualities of the system will allow you to quickly, and therefore profitable, trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange, especially experienced traders.

For business representatives, the platform has an application that provides analytical information about sales through their standard POS terminals. At the same time, companies will be able to set up their terminals to increase customer loyalty and increase their own sales:

  • provide a discount for the use of a particular cryptocurrency
  • provide bonus points
  • analyze customer preferences
Project team
Eddie Chong CEO & Founder
Jac Ng Business Management
Felix Low Lead Marketing
Seeze Lim Lead Public Relations
Catherine Tay Lead Public Relations
Danny Ng Advisor
Philip Wong Advisor
Eric Feng Marketing Advisor
Gabriel Wong Digital Marketing Advisor
Loo Choon Chiaw Legal Advisor
Law Kung Ming Blockchain Advisor
Tay Jie Ming Blockchain Advisor
James Tan Corporate Governance Advisor
Mark Cheng Blockchain Advisor
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