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Platform for part-time students

Project site:
Hard cap (usd): 5784500
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Ethereum
Not available for: USA, China
Important Links:
  • Hard cap: 5784500 USD
  • Start date: 01.12.2018
  • End date: 31.01.2019
  • Currency of tokensale: ETH
  • Token price on the tokensale: 0.20 EUR

Stoby is a platform for attracting students to work.

Anyone who wants to get help in everyday life for a small fee can place a request on the platform, and students who want to earn extra money will respond to these applications. A smart contract is concluded between the parties and the student receives tokens from the customer for completing the task. The tokens can be used to buy goods from partner companies, or to withdraw them to Fiat through cryptocurrencies.

Project team
Julien Labatut Co Founder & CEO
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