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Platform for mesh networks, constructed using smartphones

Hard cap (usd): 30000000
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Ethereum
Available for: all
  • Hard cap: 30000000 USD
  • Start date: 30.05.2018
  • End date: 13.06.2018
  • Currency of tokensale: ETH
  • Token price on the tokensale: 1 USD

Mission RightMesh AG to provide access to the Internet to billions of people on the planet and help to get out of poverty hundreds of millions!

The platform uses Android devices or IoT devices and implements patented communication technology using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. Users can connect to the Internet, and those involved in the construction of the network – receive tokens RMESH, which motivates a greater contribution in the future.

Project team
Dr. Jason Ernst Chief Networking Scientist, Left CTO, RightMesh Project
Dr. David Wang Chief Micropayments Scientist RightMesh project
Saju Abraham Chief Product Officer RightMesh project
John Lyotier Co-Founder and COO, Left CEO, RightMesh Project
Melissa Quinn Corporate Development Manager, RightMesh project
Daniel Gillis Associate Professor, Statistician, Director of PSEER
Boris Mann Co-founder, FinHaven
Les Borsai Co-Founder and CEO of SongLily Inc.
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