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Trading platform

Start date: from 01.07.2018 to 31.07.2018
Hard cap (usd): 22000000
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Ethereum
Not available for: USA
Important Links:
  • Start date: 01.05.2018
  • End date: 01.06.2018
  • Hard cap: 22000000 USD
  • Currency of presale: ETH
  • Token price on the presale: 0.00028 ETH
  • Start date: 01.07.2018
  • End date: 31.07.2018
  • Currency of tokensale: ETH
  • Token price on the tokensale: 0.00028 ETH

Multifunctional Fintech trading platform.

The HyperQuant platform offers users a set of tools for profitable trading, in particular: an expert Advisor with artificial intelligence, smart contracts for portfolio management and high-performance trading bots. The system will be able to build your own trading bots and share them with the community, automate your trading strategy with the help of visual trading bot designer (HQ Script) and run dozens of backtests on market data collected from multiple sources through a single Protocol.

Project team
Pavel Pavchenko CEO
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