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Project on mining at hydroelectric power plants

Hard cap (usd): 7000000
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The ICO stage: Ended
Token type: Ethereum
Not available for: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan
  • Hard cap: 7000000 USD
  • Start date: 29.05.2018
  • End date: 31.07.2018
  • Currency of tokensale: ETH
  • Token price on the tokensale: 0.07 USD

Hydrominer implements a platform for joint investment in mining, expanded directly from hydro.

Hydropower is one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient ways of generating electricity. It is for this Hydrominer expands mining equipment to the hydroelectric power plants.

The aim of Hydrominers is to conduct large-scale cryptocurrency mining using sustainable energy resources. Users invest money in the system by receiving tokens. All interactions are governed by smart contracts and profits are fairly distributed among them. Also, users have the right to vote in making important decisions.

Project team
Nadine Damblon Founder, CEO
Michael Marcovici Co-CEO
Davies Guttmann CFO
Christian Vogl CTO
Demelza Hayes Advisor
Harald Steinbichler Advisor
Dr. Oliver Volkel LL.M. Legal Advisor
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